Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Winter List

So, it's nearly the middle of December. We have a tiny tree, a snow globe collection, a parade of penguins lined up on the mantle. Every morning I light candles to brighten up those grey moments between night and day. Yesterday, there were even some Christmas tunes involved.

And yet -- I just spent six days in New York and am headed to Los Angeles later today. While I dream of cookie baking and gift wrapping, my reality is flight check-ins, email returns, and detail management. I'm the kind of person who sees a photograph of snow in April and starts to countdown till Christmas. The fact that I can't quite fully embrace the holiday spirit makes my heart hurt.

And yet -- Two weeks ago we attended a friend's lyric choral concert. It was in a chilly but beautiful church. The music was in Latin; full of highs and lows and lots of melody. We paused and listened.

The next night, we went to the Singalong Sound of Music in the Castro. To see it on the big screen -- those mountains and hills! -- was a treat. We laughed and sang.

And yet -- Some night next week Sean will surprise me. We'll get in the car and head south towards West Portal, stopping along the way to look at the big houses with opulent Christmas lights. Once arrived, we'll buy a ticket for a movie. (Any movie, but nothing too morose, maybe The Muppets?) Last year we were sneaky and brought in burgers.

The lesson? Sometimes, instead of you finding the holiday, the holiday finds you. 

And yet -- There are some traditional things that just must be done, because without it, it wouldn't seem like the holidays. Here are some cozy, wintery things I'm looking forward to this season:

Forcing my brother to decorate sugar cookies with me. He always resists. He always dives in. (Albeit with typically "boyish" results. Ex: A bloody reindeer.)

Reading by the tree, in front of the fireplace. That spot in the photo is the most prime lounging real estate in the house.

 My mom's holiday table. Believe it or not, this is a weeknight meal.

Snow. Walking in it; looking at it; skiing through it. Snow.

What's on your Winter List?


Megan Gordon said...

Love! Yes, sometimes the holiday has to find you :) Similar posts b/c hey, we're similar gals! Thinking of you in the midst of crazy flight check-ins. Probably just makes home mean all the more, yes? xox.

Sam said...

The snow hasn't come yet (except for the freak storm in the middle of October), but I love getting totally bundled, heading out at dusk into the snowy woods for a walk, and then coming in for hot chocolate.