Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for those who like words, wine, food & beauty

I saw an ad the other day that read: Nothing says "I think you're brilliant" more than a book. I couldn't agree more.

I try not to do a lot of overt self promotion on my blog. I'd get tired of it and so would you. But it's Monday December 19th and I still have a few gifts to pick up. Maybe you do too? If so, I'd be honored if you'd consider one of these books to wrap up and hand off to someone you love. Of course I'm seriously biased, but they do seem to be pleasing, and they certainly are lovely:

An Extravagant Hunger: The Passionate Years of M.F.K. Fisher. My first book, soon to be released in paperback. Get the hardcover while it's available -- I can't imagine that there will be anything prettier.

Love in a Dish and Other Pieces by M.F.K. Fisher. Published in the UK by Penguin's Great Food series, this book is a perfect hostess gift. You can also buy the full Great Food collection for the devout food historians on your list.

Love in a Dish and Other Culinary Delights by M.F.K. Fisher. The American version of the Great Food book. Post winter supper, you'll look great curled up on the couch with this and a glass of cognac.

The Food and Wine Magazine 2012 Wine Guide. I helped wrangle the world's top 500 wine producers that were selected to be featured in this handy guide. This makes a great gift -- perhaps packaged with some of the featured bottles?

I've linked to Amazon, but would love it if you bought these books from your local bookstore {Omnivore Books, The Booksmith, Book Passage, The King's English, Word Brooklyn, Powells, Third Street Books McMinnville and Ravenna Third Place Books have all been very good to me this year.

Happy Holidays! I'm so thankful for the success 2011 has brought and owe much of it to readers like you. xoxo


amelia said...

these are lovely ideas!! totally wanna check out the wine guide!

Megan Taylor said...

Happy solstice!!! and I love these gift ideas...I mean, they are the BEST! xo

Anne Zimmerman said...

You girls are the best! xo