Thursday, December 08, 2011

Weekend Away

Last month, Sean and I spent a romantic weekend away at the Berkeley City Club. Designed by the famous architect Julia Morgan it's known as the "Little Castle."

The Berkeley City Club is both a social club and a historic hotel. This meant the rooms were small and sans tv or mini bar. The bathroom was covered in charming colored tile. There were quiet hours (No loud talking after 10PM, please!)

The next morning, Sean went swimming in the decadent indoor pool and I wandered the halls, took photos, and sat with the paper and a big cup of coffee. Being at the Berkeley City Club made me so curious about Julia Morgan. Apparently she was very private -- but obviously filled with creativity and inspired by the beauty of Europe and its grand buildings.

In our 24 hours in Berkeley we went book shopping and to the museum, had dinner at a cozy neighborhood joint, and saw a movie. There were lots of colored leaves to gather and lawns to lay on. By the time I got home I was so relaxed, I couldn't remember how to spell Potrero -- the name of our San Francisco neighborhood. Now that's the sign of a good vacation.


Shannalee said...

What a beautiful place!!

Megan Taylor said...

Can we escape there together someday!?

Megan Gordon said...

What a great looking spot (never even heard of it!) Love Dopo and Adesso is my go-to bar here. Also saw 4M and had no idea it was a rather dark sex-cult movie....went on my own on a sunny Sunday thinking a fun movie was in order. Yep, little different (but good, eh?). So glad you both had a nice time. xox