Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Market

I was all set to describe the lovely lentil and brown rice soup I made the other day; it has balanced my intake of wine, chocolate, and cookies for the past few days. But then I found these colorful photos from my trip to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturday. Isn't it amazing that what is in season is vibrantly red and green?

It was a perfect San Francisco morning: foggy at first and then clear with blue skies and sunshine. I arrived at the market early, got my Blue Bottle coffee and wandered. The market was slow to get busy -- a blessed, blessed thing. Usually it is packed with throngs of people and that is what I expected on the Saturday before Christmas.

But people must have stayed out late or had too much to drink. Only the stalwart foodies were out. I bought some apples, pears, and clementines and chatted with a friend picking up his Christmas goose.

Then, just as the market started to get busy, I bought a muffin and escaped to a bench to watch the morning unfold. I've been a little slow to get into the spirit this year but my market trip did a good job of putting me in the mood. It almost made me wish for a California Christmas.

Maybe some day.

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