Sunday, December 20, 2009

Un-Silent Night

We are in the time of the year when alcohol is flowing. I have been to a holiday party or two, out for drinks, had mimosas for breakfast, and sipped a hot toddy. Whatever I am doing, it seems to involve alcohol. Home has begun to feel like a place to dry out and catch up: eat something healthy, take my vitamins, rest and be quiet.

But sometimes in those quiet moments, I find myself craving a big glass of wine. I am in a red phase, deep, dark, inky red. It goes so well with the food of the season. But it is also a nice, austere dessert wine. I pour a glass, turn on the holiday tunes and get to work writing, or wrapping, or making my holiday to-do. Before I know it, the glass is done and I am warm and content.

But there's a little problem: opening an entire bottle can be such a commitment. For example -- last night I wanted a single glass of wine to sip at while watching Annie Hall and folding laundry. But my plans for Sunday and Monday were in flex, and opening an entire bottle just for myself seemed like such a waste. I could go out for a glass, but I couldn't take Annie. I could drink tea instead, but I really wanted wine.

I went out for a walk to think about it. It was crisp and cold and there were lights up everywhere. I passed a packed restaurant almost every block. Everywhere people were gathering to celebrate the season-- there wasn't room for me at any of those restaurants or bars. That was ok.

I ended up at my favorite local market, staring at full sized bottles of wine like a child on the candy aisle: longingly. And then a little red can caught my eye. It was Sofia Blanc de Blanc. In a brilliant marketing campaign the Niebaum- Coppola people have packaged this sparkling wine in candy-apple red cans that are vaguely reminiscent of the Tab soda my mother used to drink in the 80s. But this little package is filled with ever so much more fun.

The Sofia can is small and cute and shiny. There are curly ques and it comes with a little red straw. It was like my own private holiday party in a can. It was exactly what I wanted.

I went home, cracked open my sparkling and stuck in the petite straw. The wine was imperfect in comparison to the French champagnes I love and covet, but for this night, the holiday party for one featuring a guest appearance by Annie Hall, it was perfect.

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Maggie said...

Have found a few potable half-bottles of French white and Portuguese red for such situations...but the bubbly sounds like much more fun!