Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Olallieberry Cocktail/ Drinking Before Noon

Doesn't this cocktail look fruity and divine? M. whipped it up for me on a hot summer afternoon. I can't begin to tell you how to make one -- I think it had vodka, olallieberries, simple sugar, mint, and maybe a twist of lemon for garnish and color. It was pretty to look at and went down nice and easy. We named it the Annebelle, because I have been in search of my signature cocktail. But after a couple of house made mojitos over the 4th of July, I am pretty sure mojitos are my real signature cocktail. The Annebelle will have to be number two on the list of delightful summer alcoholic drinks.

However, I would die to be drinking anything with a nip of liquor right now as I stain treat two loads of laundry that were mistakenly put into a washer where someone (bad tenants!!!) left a maroon duvet cover soaking for far too long. All my clothes look like they have the chicken pox: splatters and spatters of red and pink dots. This includes a set of white sheets.

The olallieberry cocktail seems the perfect drink to get me through this episode since, at first glance, I thought my jeans were spotted with a bit of residual olallieberry juice. "How sweet," I thought. "A small memory of a good day."

If only it were so.

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