Monday, July 06, 2009

Olallieberry Picking

Last weekend we went olallieberry picking. What is an olallieberry, you ask? It is a cross between a logan berry and a young berry. But logan berries and young berries are themselves hybrids of blackberries and either raspberries or dewberries. So the olallieberry is more or less a mutt berry.

We went picking at Swanton Berry Farm, which is just south of Half Moon Bay on Highway One. Not only is Swanton Farms organic, but they also use union workers, and they have u-pick olallieberries. Can it get any better for the San Francisco, food loving, liberal set?

Perhaps because of the above reasons, (he is a food loving, California liberal but he doesn't want to act like one), M. was not super excited to go picking. But plied with a taco lunch from his favorite HMB Mexican joint, he acted like he was excited about olallieberry picking, which was good enough for me.

He also proved to be a stellar picker. We picked so many of these tart berries we had to think up lots of things to do with them, so many things that I have to save those photos for another post because Blogger just can't handle all the olallieberry goodness. But we can, and we did, and they were so good -- the photos will prove this, I think, that I don't think he will ever question a Saturday spent picking again.

In fact after four years, I think I may have FINALLY found the way to his heart. Yes, its through his stomach (that was apparent in the first 10 minutes of conversation), but more specifically through a jar of olallieberry jam.

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