Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Quai Voltaire

As I have mentioned before, I stayed at the Quai Voltaire, the same hotel M.F.K. and Al Fisher stayed at when they first arrived in France. They paid two dollars a day for a room with two twin beds and breakfast. I paid... slightly more.

The hotel was in the midst of a small renovation. When I arrived, I was a little peeved -- the door number to my room was written on it in pencil and the moldings and wall paper in the hallway outside were peeling.

Then I had a thought -- this might be the same decor M.F.K. Fisher saw. That made it much much cooler and I had to take several photos to document the 'before;' I am sure the 'after' shots will be much fancier and modern.

Did I mention my room still sported red plush carpeting, tapestry walls, and a very old and ornate desk? For the average traveler this might seem a bit to vintage, but for me it was divine -- the perfect way to ease my brain into the real purpose of my trip -- book research!

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