Thursday, April 16, 2009

Souvenir (Part I)

I am just a little bit of a brat. When I found out that M. was going to Paris for the weekend without me I demanded a fancy French souvenir. Nothing specific, just something distinctly French and pretty that would help take the sting out of missing the adventure. No pressure.

But I am just a tad capricious too. So even though I made demands for a fancy French souvenir, I forgot about them. I had my own weekend adventure, bought myself a nice bottle of local honey and some yummy jam and a couple of new, great white t-shirts to wear into spring. I was perfectly satisfied.

Which is not to say I wasn't happy when a lovely, mint green bag was pulled out of the suitcase. Inside was an equally beautiful green container, embossed in beautiful gold script with the name Laduree.

Have you heard of Laduree? It is a tea salon and patisserie that has been in operation since the late 1860s. They are famous for their divine pastel colored macaroons. I am now in possession of a large package of Laduree cocoa powder, which I imagine is probably the finest cocoa powder I will ever own in my life.

I can't imagine what to make with this marvelous gift. It will have to be something quite special, something that will tempt even a non-chocolate love (one of M.'s only faults). Most of all it will have to be good.

But no pressure.

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