Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Road Trip

Last week I took a one day trip to U.C.L.A. to do some book research. My trip was just before pay day and money was tight. So I decided to pack an entire day's worth of F.S.A. sanctioned food with me on the trip. I rightly assumed that anything I could cobble together (even if it was liquid-less) was going to be much better, and significantly less expensive, than anything I could purchase in SFO or LAX.

I was right.

I ate three delicious, interesting, and filling meals on the road. For breakfast (eaten in two batches: in the car & at the gate) I had a cornmeal bagel with cream cheese and golden raspberry jam, a banana, and a latte. For lunch, eaten sitting in the So. Cal sun outside the Charles E. Young Library at U.C.L.A. I ate crackers and manchego cheese, a hard boiled egg, kumquats, and lots of water. In the late afternoon there was an iced coffee from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. For dinner, just before take-off I had tiny black lentils and asparagus toppped with a bit of sour cream and some roasted almonds.

Once I got home there was some hot tea with honey and a good sit on the couch. It was a long, intense day but I had no "travel hangover" the next morning. Maybe it was secret arsenal of healthy foods to get me through the day?

Though it seemed crazy at 6:45AM when I was gathering my loot, it was definitely worth the effort!

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