Monday, January 22, 2007

Since my last posting was October 30, 2006 and it is now January 21, 2007 it seems I have quite a lot of explaining to do. I could say that nothing new or exciting happened in those almost three months, but that wouldn't be true. I turned 29, made two visits to the snowy winter wonderland of my birth, and ate countless holiday meals with family, friends, and all by my sweet lonesome.
Winter is one of the best times to cook. When the days are cold I feel most inspired. I want warm foods, meaty foods, bready foods like pasta and muffins and cookies. I have been pouring over my cookbooks and constantly making grocery lists. Tonight's meal will be one of winter simplicity, created to help my body cleanse and balance after a sugar and alcohol rich weekend with girlfriends. After visiting the market for my weekly does of eggs and fruit, bread, vegetables and maybe a bit of something sweet, I will cook.
First I will make brown rice, my favorite kind. But this recipe calls for cooking the rice in part water, part unsweetened coconut milk. This is my favorite part, the part that made me pick this recipe. I imagine brown rice rich with creamy, off-sweet coconut milk. Similar to risotto, but this rice will be a base for a very simple stir fry. Next comes shrimp, lime, and garlic, followed by green onions and cilantro. Glasses and glasses of water or perhaps hot tea-- no more wine for this girl! Simple food for a cold, clear, and dark January night.
But one can't be too good. Suddenly I remember my souvenir from the weekend: perfect chocolate cupcakes, made from scratch. Of course I will have one, and I'll almost feel good doing it -- when we ate the cupcakes on Saturday night they were topped with warm chocolate sauce and chocolate espresso mousse. I'll eat mine plain, simple and plain. It was almost a meal of monastic perfection. Almost.
For now, I vow to write more. At least for the next month. A month that will take me all across this big wide country to Boston, New York City, and (???) Imagine the adventures.

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