Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Year New You {Giveaway!}

I know, I know, there's two weeks left in 2012 but I am already thinking about the New Year. Two winters ago I enrolled in a program at my local yoga studio in an attempt to clean up my diet (and my act) in the new year. The premise was simple: Do yoga for 40 days straight. Cleanse (no alcohol, coffee, gluten, sugar, meat), a meditation practice, and a lot of journal writing. I emerged a happier, healthier me. In those 40 days, life-changing things happened.

This January, I've committed to the New Year New Rules online wellness program with Prescribe Nutrition--  two whole weeks of taking care of my body and feeding it wholesome foods. It's not a detox or a cleanse (which is great, because I found that intense restrictive thing really messed with my mind & emotions). But it is an opportunity to look carefully at my diet, see what foods I overly rely on out of habit, and have the chance to reboot and take healthier habits into the new year. 

I'm super excited about this and very glad that Katie Jasper gave me the nudge I needed to convince me to do something good for myself in the new year. And now, I'm nudging you! 

Enter today to win your spot in the 2013 New Year New You online wellness program by leaving a comment on this blog post with one healthy resolution for the new year. I'll pick a winner on Friday, December 21, and you can sail into the holidays knowing there's something wholesome for you on the other side. 

Need more info? Check out: Prescribe Nutrition, New Year New You, or the web pages of Katie and Megan. Next, enter to win your spot in New Year New You, or register right now (and save 20%! Just use the code NYNR20 when you sign up).  

Hop to it!

UPDATE: Congrats, Sylla! You won! Stay tuned for more info. xo


Malena Watrous said...

I resolve not to eat any sugar in the month of January!

Maria Stuart said...

maybe, just maybe, give up dairy.....?
more reasonable, I am going to resolve to get to yoga/pilates 4 days a week! xo

Sylla said...

I decided this morning that I am going to take more pictures. This will force me to slow down, which will have *many* positive side effects that will improve my mental and physical well-being. Great idea Anne!

Sylla said...

I decided this morning to take more pictures. This will force me to slow down which will have a positive effect on both my mental and physical well-being. Great idea Anne!

Sam said...

Oo, I like this a lot. I'm going to be working consistently on not worrying!

Sam said...

I'm working on not worrying!!!

juliana said...

More yoga. Lots more yoga!

juliana said...
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