Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bringing Autumn Inside

Dry and scatter your colored leaves. Don't worry if the edges curl up a bit, they look prettier that way. Invest in some tiny seasonal decorations like these felted acorns.

Buy pumpkins of all colors and sizes. These tiny ghost pumpkins march along our dining room table. Traditional orange pumpkins flank the fireplace. Gorgeous knotty squash from our CSA make beautiful decorations -- until we eat them. 

Treat yourself to nostalgic candies that make you feel like a kid again. I can't survive fall without candy corn; the peanut butter M&Ms are a more 'sophisticated' taste. Together, they're a magic combo.  Dahlia season is almost over, but the guy on the corner still occasionally sells big bunches for $5 a pop. 

Roast peppers over open flame.

Roast fall veggies in the oven. This acorn quash was stuffed with a crushed garlic clove, a mix of fresh herbs, and a drizzle of olive oil. The roasted 'meat' became autumnal vegetarian tacos.

Cook with bacon, ideally artisan bacon from a small shop you found while on vacation. Extra points for using a Lodge cast iron pan, homemade stock, and opening an old bottle of red wine to drink with it just because

Light a candle. Part of the reason I love fall is because it is a little mournful. The colored leaves that fall off the trees, overcast days, and cozy mornings offer the perfect chance for a little reflection. I like waking up early, lighting a candle, and having a few moments to myself in the dark. The Voluspa Golden Cypress scent from the 'Maison Rouge' collection is my favorite right now. 

How do you embrace this season?


Marie Matter said...

this is a beautiful post! i always do candy corn and peanuts, never thought about doing it with peanut butter m&ms! genius. i like to simmer orange peel and cinnamon on the stove to make the house smell delicious and ultra cozy.


tea_austen said...

This post makes me giggle a little (tempted to call it "How to conjure up Autumn':-).

Hot cider with strips of lemon peel and Tuaca.
Soup, soup, more soup.
Candles, fires, lots of tea.
Cheesy casseroles (cold weather calls for calories, right?)
Baking: bread, cookies, apple cake
This recipe:


Megan Taylor said...

First of all, you sure know how to embrace the season GIRL! I'll be embracing it by having a cozy Halloween dinner tonight with two of my favorite people. XOXO (see you later ;)

nicole said...

Oh so very cozy! I love it. I make a lot of soups and things in the oven (I am going to make a pesto-sweet potato lasagna tomorrow - experimental! but hopefully good) to celebrate fall, and eat a lot of apples. This has reminded me to light more candles and make something with squash :)