Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late Summer, In Photos

Just over a month ago as August was bearing down on me, I wrote a summer do list filled with things I wanted to accomplish before the air got thin, it began to get light earlier, and the crisp evening air demanded that the bedroom window be shut. So, how'd I do? 

I didn't eat an It's-It in the back yard on a sunny afternoon, go to the Coppola Pool, make another batch of jam, or bake with blackberries. But I did can two batches of pickles (a first!), freeze loads of Marcella Hazan tomato sauce, and make a killer Italian Plum Cake no less than three times. 

There still may be time for the things I didn't get to do. After all, summer in San Francisco often starts right about Labor Day. And if not, there's always next summer. 

Did you make a Summer Do list? If so, did you accomplish what was on it? Do you have an Autumn Do List? (Eeep!)

One last note. I've become recently obsessed with Instagram, and all of the above photos were shared there first. You can follow me at "poeticappetite" for photographic bits and pieces of our world. xx


Sam said...

Don't take those Its-Its for granted. When you can't get them and you crave them, you will be sorry. (Oh wait, that's me.) Although, probably for the best, I shouldn't be eating them anyway.

Megan Taylor said...

I did so much this summer that I didn't have time to make a to-do list. Accomplishments: went camping in Desolation Wilderness, took an intro to Herbal Medicine class, starting using the salad spinner again (oh, yes, this was a big one) and, goodness gracious, went to Paris! See you later, my love <3

Anne Zimmerman said...

@megan taylor, you are the inspiration for my summer do list, because you do so much to enjoy every moment.

@sam, I feel like you're coercing me into that its-its. And it's working!