Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wine and Pizza

This pretty little book has gotten some pretty nice press in the past couple of days. Did you see it in T: The New York Times Style Blog or The San Francisco Chronicle? I'm so proud. 

What's your favorite wine to drink in summertime?

Last night I had a glass of Pey- Marin Riesling while I was making dinner. Crisp and dry and lightly floral, I think it would be perfect with oysters. Instead it helped make my job of tackling homemade pizza a little easier.

Here's what I learned last night: if I want crispy, thin crust pizza, I can't make it at home. But if I want doughy, bread-like pizza it may be worth it to wrangle the sticky dough, spread it as thin as possible with oil-slicked fingers, and pray as I'm topping it with homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

It's also good to remember that if it turns out the pizza is a little too flabby in the middle, I can always stick it back in the oven while I focus on eating pizza numero due, which is spread with a mint-fava bean puree, sliced zucchini, and lumps of fresh ricotta.

But the real lesson is that pizza tastes good almost any time, even if it isn't perfect. Also, wine helps.

Here's what I think we're having for dinner tonight. You?

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