Thursday, April 12, 2012

New York in Bloom

 As I look at the pink trees I start to bloom:

P.S. The other night I made a riff on this recipe from DIY Delicious. Our "real food" bowls were stuffed with quinoa, kale, avocado and pistachio and topped with leftover chicken and tahini dressing. It was the perfect chocolate egg recovery meal.
P.P.S. I borrowed the name of this post from one of my favorite blogs. You must take a peek at LA in Bloom


Heather Taylor said...

Ahhh, thanks Anne! Spring in New York is a special brand of magic and you have captured it perfectly. Also - I want that healthy delicious sounding bowl!

Megan Taylor said...

This bloom is gooooood!!!

Vanessa said...

Hey Anne, Glad you made the recipe. It's funny, of all the recipes I've posted, I think I've heard from more people telling me they tried it than any other. Must have struck a chord. Hope you are well and your book is doing great. Now I feel like I need to make a boozy barbecued chicken recipe!