Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Breakfast

The other day, Sean looked at me and said: "I married you because I wanted someone to share the good times. And now we have to share the bad." This, I think, is love.

A year ago today, Sean proposed. It was impetuous. No rose petal aisles, rooms full of candles, or panoramic views. Just Sean in his brown furry bathrobe, a yet-to-be-cleaned-or-sized antique ring, and a sudden but deep desire to say those four little words.

In the 365 days that passed between then and now, we got married. Books were published. We traveled. We fought. In January, we found out Sean's mom has terminal brain cancer. Just yesterday, I looked down at my hand and noticed that one of the tiny sparkling diamonds in my engagement ring was gone.

None of this has been what I expected. I used to think I understood what love meant and what marriage required. But my notion of this is being expanded to include larger highs and lows every single day.

Thank goodness there are some things that are reliable. Like breakfast. This morning we had soda water waffles, sliced pink grapefruit, and coffee.

And I'm happy to report that Sean wore his fuzzy brown bathrobe.


nikki said...

So true. Sorry about the not so good times of late. Hold onto the fuzzy robed breakfasts with waffles and coffee and each other, they will (as you know) get you through.

Shannalee said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your round of bad news! From another married couple who recently went through some different types of trials, let me just say I empathize. But I will also say I've experienced more comfort and deeper joy than before and that that, too, has been good. Also that my Tim is an even better husband than I first knew, and that's worth knowing. : )

Hang onto mornings like this one--and to each other.

Anne Zimmerman said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments, bot the ones here and the ones that have come via my email. It's so nice to be bolstered during a time like this.

Shannalee, I've been watching your 2012 from afar. So glad your troubles have been temporary and that you are feeling better.

Espn1776 said...

Your writing is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You have found a way to be thoughtful, direct, illustrative and insightful, while still remaining humble to the pen. I am glad I found your blog.

Anne Zimmerman said...

Dear ESPN! I'm so glad you found me too. Hope you're enjoying this long leisurely weekend. Waffles for breakfast, perhaps?