Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Where do you find yours?

This week I've found inspiration in the changing seasons, new neighborhoods, coffee fueled conversations with friends, afternoons spent drinking rose, long lunches in Marin, the sound of literature being read aloud, and these photos -- taken during an Open Studio visit a few weeks ago.

To me, they're a useful reminder that even though the creative process is important, breaking away from routine can lead to beautiful things.


amelia said...

Inspiration is SO important! and sometimes something so easily forgotten when you're deep in a project. Lately, I've been finding inspiration in Alain de Botton, the gloomy weather, and a lone 5 o' clock beer.

nicole said...

Yes - SO true. Am off to West Marin for this weekend to chase some quiet (and inspiration) and change the routine a bit ... Glad to hear you've been doing the same.

Ana said...

Long walks or drives, food, music are sort of the default inspirations.

What has really put a fire in my belly this week... planing a move to Paris, making english muffins from scratch, glitter nail polish (don't know why glitter always has this kind of magical effect on me), the smell of rosemary, and watching I Am Love.

PS: I'm just got your book! Didn't realize you wrote it until I scrolled down your blog :)

Anne Zimmerman said...

I love your blog, Ana. So inspiring and pretty. Thanks for dropping by, and let's stay in touch!