Monday, May 23, 2011

San Francisco Weekend

I was all alone this weekend. Sean went to Vegas for his bachelor party. I stayed home and indulged.

I ate eggs in bed and watched gossip tv shows, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice.

I went to the DeYoung Museum and stared at the fabulous Balenciaga clothing. Maybe it was my mood, but my favorite was an austere black gown from the 1940s. I got a pedicure; my toenails are now a delightful peony pink. I met Megan for a glass of raspberry pink bubbles at Tartine. We sat outside till the freezing wind pushed us on our way. 

My Saturday morning yoga class was in a bright studio with exposed brick walls and views of the city. I had coffee in my neighborhood shop and wrote in my journal. I hosted a dinner party to celebrate my friend Vanessa's graduation from film school. The menu was simple: roasted salmon, spinach and pasta salad, assorted nibbles, and for dessert, a strawberry and whipped cream layer cake.

I cleaned the house: mopped the floors and the mud room (which had been living up to it's name!) and did laundry. I went to the farmer's market to visit Marge Bakery and Megan. The small market was sunny and hopping. I bought veggies, some good hummus, and also came home with Marge's famous granola and a slice of Shaker Lemon Pie. I think I probably should have bought the strawberry-rhubarb too. Next time.

Finally, at the end of Sunday, I went on a hike through my own neighborhood. The flowers are blooming on Portrero Hill, and there are secret wandering paths through my hilly neighborhood. At the top there's a view of the city that reminds me how big San Francisco really is.


Ursula said...

Beautiful post. You really know how to make a girl miss SF!

Megan Taylor said...

So happy your weekend was so nourishing and beautiful! I'm happy I was a part of it :)


p.s. Isn't Saturday morning yoga the best?

Heather Taylor said...

This sounds like a dream weekend.