Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to Feed a Hungry Man?

Here's the scoop. It's five days before Christmas. We still have no couch, but we have two beds, five uncomfortable dining room type chairs, and two living room chairs. One cost $40. The other just arrived from a moderately expensive Italian design emporium, and Sean has spent all weekend agonizing over the choice to let it into our lives.

We're tired, were dehydrated, we're perhaps even a bit hungover.

And we're hungry.

Just the other day, Sean let it slip that in spite of my "expert home economy" I didn't feed him enough. Ah yes, this is why each dinner is followed by a cheese plate, dessert, and occasionally even a bowl of cereal or midnight snack of peanut butter toast.

As if I hadn't noticed. His hunger is like nothing I've ever seen. I just assumed he had admirable metabolism and a hollow leg.

But still... A guy has to eat.

And so, I interrupt the parade of red and green sprinkled cookies, homemade eggnog recipes, and a play by play of the perfect crown roast to ask: What do you eat every day? I want tips for the dinner meals you eat with your family, the hearty ones with leftovers to spare. Ideally they're easy, quick, and healthy, too.

Yes, I could look it up. But straight recipes and bound cookbooks feel somewhat less helpful right now. So, if you can, leave me something in the comments that tells me how you do it: Do you serve meat and potatoes? Casseroles? Is it all in the sides, or should he snack more before dinner?

I don't want him to starve, but really. It's five days before Christmas. There's laundry to do, presents to wrap, and work to be done. There's just not that much time for dinner.


Literary Dog said...

I recently made a thick, stew-like version of pasta fagioli (from a Real Simple recipe). It was easy and delicious, perfect for a winter meal. I'll email you the recipe! xo

once bitten, twice crushed said...

Or how about you let him cook dinner? Then he can make as much of it as he'd like!

Anne Zimmerman said...

Dear Twice Crushed: A girl can only take so much spaghetti with red sauce. Especially when she knows that the trick to the sauce involves a hefty slab of butter.

dana said...

We're big fans of pastas around these parts because it is easy to make a big batch and have some left for lunch the next day or post dinner eating. Big pots of soup go a long way too, all you need to do is bring it up to heat if he gets ravenous. Roasted chickpeas are a great, healthy and filling snack. Hopefully you have lots of Christmas leftovers!

crushed said...

Perhaps M. Finney should try slowing down a bit. Clearly, it is not your cooking that is at fault, rather his over-productive metabolism. Suggest that he start lounging around more. Maybe eat a few bon-bons? If that doesn't work I have two ideas.

1) He should eat a big snack around 5 pm. Something with a lot of fat in it - like a quesedilla.

2) Just make extra all the time and double the amount on his plate.

If all else fails, he could resort to garbanzo beans straight from a can. Corey's fave.

mek said...

Three words: slow cooker stews!

We moved a month ago and between packing, unpacking, and Christmas, there is just not enough time in the day to make a real dinner. Unless I make it in the morning, before I realize how much I have to do...

Anne Zimmerman said...

Sylla -- garbanzo beans straight from the can cracked me up. Glad to know there are other hungry guys out there. Another friend mentioned her husband finishing every meal with a small bag of kettle chips.

Getting a slow cooker is a good idea. Is it too late to add that to my Christmas list (let's say yes, it's a very boring gift!)

Annedria said...

My very hungry husband has to have his meat. Especially when he is working crazy hours at the winery. I made a few stews for harvest lunches that were very filling and could be adapted for the family with leftovers or a large group during crush. A braised beef stew (with Beckham Estate Pinot of course)over polenta/potatoes. A recent favorite has been a slow roasted pork shoulder with sage & hard apple cider. Tasty and super easy as it does not take as many ingredients as the beef stew. Let me know if you want recipes.-A