Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cannelle on The Kitchn (Again!)

I was coasting around on the internet this morning in search of recipes, new fall boots, and writing inspiration, and was pleased to discover that my photo and blog post about baking cannelle was featured in a Kitchn round up about French recipes you should be cooking this weekend. 

Can I tell you how long it took to get the perfect cannelle shot? And how hot it was in my kitchen as I baked cannelle at 400+ degrees during a random summer heat wave in San Francisco? It's a badge of honor I proudly flaunt. 

Speaking of the oven, I've been away from it for a bit. There were two trips to Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego), one late September heat rush in San Francisco (one week were we ate only salads and I got several mosquito bites), and edits, edits, edits. For more news about the book, please check out my new author website. I'll be updating it more and more as my manuscript inches closer to publication.

Meanwhile, it's lunchtime. There's a loaf of Acme walnut bread, a ripe avocado, and a super crisp, tart apple. Apparently it's fall. Am I the only one who thinks 2010 has gone way too quickly?

P.S. If you're in need of cooking inspiration, here's a few things on my list: lentils with caramelized onions, chunky apple sauce, and sweet potato and black bean burritos. It looks like I'm craving autumn.


once bitten, twice crushed said...

And the boots??? Did you find them?

Anne Zimmerman said...

All I do is think about boots. Seriously. And my closet is filled with boots. What to do? I'm a fall girl, for sure!

naomi said...

I can think of someplace you can get some beautiful fall boots and they are 20% off this weekend :)

naomi said...

Now all I can think of is the pear and goat cheese sandwich on walnut bread at Ken's. Thanks Anne!

Anne Zimmerman said...

Boots at Mes Amies for 20% off. I'm so there.