Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend, Again

I was off in the woods for most of the week, revising my book manuscript. It's due in six-and-a-half weeks if you're counting (and I am). I ventured into the woods with a bag of groceries, but managed not to cook at all. At times this could be treacherous, but when I'm deep in the creative process I actually enjoy an edited diet centered mostly on toasted Acme walnut bread: toast with jam, hot coffee, and milk in the morning. Toast with cheese, sliced avocado, or egg at noon time. Wilted greens or salads with roasted chicken and a plank of toast for dinner, yum.

But a girl has to come back and eat! We have been spending Saturday mornings at a new neighborhood spot called Local: Mission Eatery. A couple of Saturdays we have even been the first people there, waiting expectantly for the doors to open.

First we crawl to the very back, where the Knead Patisserie girls pour strong cups of coffee and offers petite lemon loafs, airy brioche, scones with whipped cream, and several bite sized Frenchie pastries: one stuffed with rum spiked custard, another dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

After coffee, the paper, and sweets we move (slowly) into brunch. For the past two weeks it has been bowls full of grits topped with sausage, ricotta, and smoked greens.

Can you tell I'd be just as happy to forgo Friday and head straight into tomorrow morning? If only I could.

P.S. This photo was taken last Saturday at Local: Mission Eatery. I love how it is slightly messy. We were already well into our breakfast routine, the paper and numerous cookbooks spread out around us, pastries nearly finished. I love routines.


Maggie said...

Six and half weeks! Wow! Good luck!

Blair said...

I hope the manuscript is coming along well! Your saturday morning sounds heavenly, coming from someone who works on saturday mornings...I will live vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden I really want grits.
Have you been to Mission Beach Cafe in the Mission for brunch? We went there a couple of weeks ago with our son...his favorite neighborhood place.

Anne Zimmerman said...

Shelly, I have not been to Mission Beach Cafe. I need to go -- I hear they make their own English Muffins. Yum! This Local Mission Eatery place is very close to my house and so good -- I had brioche toast on Saturday. Divine!