Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today's Shopping List

I find travel slightly exhausting, and getting back from travel is always such a pile of laundry and bills and lists of things to do. Thankfully, while I was gone spring bloomed. I am inspired by hot sun seeping through the windows and a cloudless blue sky.

And I am so excited to see what's at the market. When I visited the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City last week you could tell that winter's bite still plagued the northeast. The stalls were still a little spare -- unless you needed apples, winter greens, onions, or potatoes.

Drab vegetables were punctuated by the blooms of spring: pussy willows and tulips, irises, and tiny green starters to nudge into life in a small window box.

After a trip to the grocery store with a list that included greens and good bread, citrus, and fresh yogurt, I am easing back into every day health. The roast chicken with foie gras and brioche croutons is but a memory. So is the compost cookie.

Today's lunch was simple greens topped with an egg and a vinaigrette made from lemon juice, olive oil, and a little drizzle of balsamic alongside a hefty piece of toast. I spread the last bits of bread with honey and made myself a big cup of tea before returning to the desk. 

Travel is good, but it's nice to be back in my city.


Blair said...

Oh i know what you mean about the union square market. its har to see potatoes, apples and some celeriac week after week. I mean the hot apple cider is good and all but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new stuff! still its one of my favorite spots in the city!

Blair said...

oh i know what you mean! its been haard to see potato's, apples and some celeriac week after week. i mean the apple cider at the union square market is certain delicious, but i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some early spring goodies. still, the market is one of my favorite spots in the city!