Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This photo is a tad fuzzy; I justify this by saying it was on the early side when I spotted this little winged creature crawling out of the salad I was making to take for lunch.

The bag of greens came straight from a farm in Healdsburg, California and was so good, so green, so fresh that if I could, I would drive there every week to stock up.

I didn't mind the little bug; I like knowing that my food came from the ground and is veritably breathing with life. But when I shared my store over lunch, I was surprised at the shocked looks I endured.

It made me realize not everyone likes to know where their food came from.  Sad really, don't you think?


Blair said...

Ha! This post made me smile. I understand the immediate reactions to a big in ones salad, however I would just tell them its protein!

Anonymous said...

I want to move to Healdsburg. So beautiful...