Monday, March 15, 2010

Ginger Cookies for a Weekend Away

Friday was a cold and blustry day in San Francisco. It rained a Portland rain: long, gray, and consistent. It made me think of long weekends in my little red kitchen, baking and watching the endless rain fall on dark pine trees. 

I decided that instead of writing and revising it would be a baking day.

I needed a hostess gift for a weekend away, but wanted something slightly more austere than bursting chocolate chip cookies or thick brownies. Then I remembered a ginger cookie recipe from the blog Eat Make Read.

When I started the cookie making process, I had plenty of time (I thought) to bake, shower, and pack. But then all of a sudden the clock was ticking and the cookies weren't done. I took them almost directly from cookie sheet to an aluminum foil packet that burned my hands as I walked to the car and made the car -- noisily pelted with more of that delicious gray rain -- smell heavenly as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed north.

For recipes and photos of the finished cookie go here.  These ginger cookies were very good. They were chewy and full of molasses and chunks of crystalized ginger and so bite-able, they were almost gone by the time we reached our little cabin. 

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