Tuesday, February 09, 2010

M.F.K. Fisher: What to Read

It has been a big few days in book writing land: I finished the first draft of the book and started working on plans for a big research trip to the East Coast at the end of the month.

All this excitement has been fueled by a steady diet of congratulatory food and drink: cocktails and champagne coupes, pizza with bacon and blue cheese and a tumbler of beer, cashew spiked Chinese chicken, and coconut cake. I feel very good, indeed.

In this midst of all this, someone asked me about a good, introductory book of M.F.K. Fisher's writings. My top pick is The Gastronomical Me. It is a memoir, with short tales of strawberry jam, peach pie, hoarded chocolate bars, and never ending French feasts.

For something more comprehensive, might I suggest The Art of Eating? This is a large tome, five of M.F.K. Fisher's books bound together into one, and perfect for dipping in and out of at whim.

If you were the sort of person who liked reading food writing after dinner with a glass of wine and a nice fire going, this could make a perfect and romantic Valentine's Day gift.

And if after reading, you find yourself taken with the work of M.F.K. Fisher (as I did), please write and tell me what you loved.

Happy reading, happy eating.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I CANNOT WAIT to read your book. I hope we can catch up when you are in New York!