Saturday, January 09, 2010

Will Eat for Words

This is not meant to be one of those dreamy breakfast shots, the likes of which are posted on one of my favorite morning blogs, Simply Breakfast. This is a down and dirty action shot: granola, milk, frozen blueberries. Black coffee. A post-it that proclaims Chapter 11. Highlighters and pencils and yellow legal pads. The writer's life.... The writer's breakfast.

After a very productive writing week, I got to the end of it woefully under prepared to face the weekend. The fridge boasts some once exciting, now soggy leftovers. There is nothing else in there worth mentioning. And to make matters worse -- there are no recipes that I lovingly hand culled during the week that are just waiting to be made over this two day stretch.

This morning I'll start not with breakfast, but with brunch. I'll flip through a small stack of glossy food magazines and make a list. I'll go to the store, and hopefully soon I'll have next week's leftover's brewing -- a prefect hearty concoction to keep me writing devotedly for the next few days.

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