Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When the oven is broken, how do you cook?

This little sign has been posted on the oven for almost two weeks now; the oven has been broken since before Christmas! A new one is coming soon, but after a wine soaked, fat filled weekend I am tired of eating, longing for roasted veggies, and seem to have completely lost the urge to cook.

So, what would you make if you didn't have an oven? The stove top is a-ok, and I've got a microwave and a toaster oven too. Seems the only thing I am missing is inspiration.

Send help soon, please.


Anonymous said...

Where did eat in Chicago? Please share! I love your blog.


Anne Zimmerman said...

Chicago report coming soon Kristi.
I am in the midst of some high level procrastination -- coming back from vacation is hard!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm curious to know if you ever came up with some recipes that didn't require an oven? I live on a remote tropical island with no oven and I am always looking for easy, delicious recipes that don't require an oven. And simple ingredients... Thanks and I love your blog!