Sunday, November 22, 2009

The foods of Strasbourg

Here, my friends, is Strasbourg. I had the most divine meals in this beautiful city, perhaps my favorite stop on my entire tour. The most memorable meal was in a fancy restaurant called Maison Kamerzell which is located in a very old half-timbered building right by the old and majestic cathedral. Maison Kammerzell has lovely amber colored stained glass windows and at night it is lit up and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

I dined alone in an ancient dining room and ate venison with chestnuts, mushrooms, and a smattering of jewel toned pomegranate seeds across the top. The venison was served alongside a big bowl of spatzel and I ate venison, then spatzel, then venison and spatzel together till both bowls were clean. The meat was stewed and falling apart and the broth was beefy and rich.

When I finished I was so full, but there was not one ounce of regret in my body. This was a dish I will dream about all winter and every winter to come. I hope to try my hand at making it soon, perhaps with beef not game?

M.F.K. Fisher dined at Maison Kamerzell and had a life changing gastronomic experience too. Her gastronomic moment centered around a potato chip -- a potato chip!-- but that is a tale for another evening.

Though I don't have photos of the venison -- it was delicious but not very photogenic -- I do have pictures of my tartine (mild goat cheese drizzled with honey and slivered almonds), pungent, orange infused pain d'epice, and sweet and savory bretzles.

Isn't it amazing how many memories can be conjured through meals? I look at these photos and in spite of the fact I am full sated, my mouth waters just a little bit. The heart's mind and palate is amazing that way.

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