Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And then there was the food...

The last time I was in Paris I wasn't interested in food. Sure, those patisserie windows were alluring and it was fun to visit markets and view the local shoppers and colorful fruits and veggies, but food was not my "thing."

How my world has changed.

This trip, what I noticed more than amazing architecture or brilliant fashion was the food. I wished that I had an extra stomach (or three) along with a huge expense account to let me justifiably purchase some of the beautiful treats I saw.

All of these photos were taken on my first Sunday afternoon, on the Ile de Cite. It turns out that tiny neighborhood is packed with some very small, very high end little food shops. It was such fun to gaze into the windows.

I started my walk with a double scoop of ice cream from Berthillion. There were so many great sounding flavors (can you believe I turned down dark chocolate and salted caramel?) but I had been advised to try one of the fruit sorbets, and I am always a sucker for a good slice of vanilla.

A scoop of passion fruit and a scoop of vanilla it was. Both were very good but the sorbet was so tart it made my lips pucker and my tongue hurt. It was almost too tart to really enjoy. I meant to go back for another scoop on another day, but I never did.

But don't worry... there were still plenty of eating adventures.

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