Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pt Reyes Farmers Market

Today the rain has been falling from the sky like the world is going to end. I was warned that the power might go out, so I was up early this morning to shower, heat water for coffee, and warm my brown rice breakfast pudding so that even if there was no power for the day I would be clean and warm in the belly!

I finally came into town and found a very different Pt Reyes from the one depicted above. The streets were deserted, the shops all buttoned up, even Toby's Feed Barn had the rolling door halfway down.

So it seems silly to post weekend farmer's market photos today... were they really taken only forty-eight hours ago?

The Pt. Reyes Saturday Farmers Market is small and sweet. Amazingly, I spotted some very late harvest strawberries and tomatoes as well as apples, pears, root vegetables, greens, onions and potatoes.

I bought small, tart, juicy apples; a perfect pear; shallots and garlic; a sweet potato, and a zucchini.

Assuming there is power tonight I might make a risotto with Pt. Reyes blue, spinach, and zucchini. And if it doesn't... cereal and milk? Pt. Reyes blue and pear? The joys of country living. I always fancied Little House on the Prairie.

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