Friday, October 16, 2009

Paris here I come.

The countdown has begun -- I am leaving for Paris tomorrow morning!
Here are my travel related wishes for the next couple of weeks: I'm hoping to
remember everything I learned in all those French lessons (merci, Madame Thomas); not get lost (though I don't actually have a map); translate signs and menus perfectly (a really big wish); not trip on the cobblestones (I am clumsy); and have a marvelous time (how could I not?).

Sadly, I decided not to pack my computer, so I might post some lovely words but the photo retrospective will have to wait until I return in November.

Au revoir!

P.S. My first two nights in Paris will be at the Quai Voltaire, the very same little hotel where M.F.K. Fisher spent her first nights in Paris in 1929. I can hardly wait.

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