Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Fall Lunch

I feel my appetite shifting a bit with the season. I always eat less in autumn and beyond. I think it is because flavors move from being light and refreshing to deeper, denser, and more flavorful.

I have been writing more and working less so I have also returned to my preferred mode of eating: grazing. I eat toast with jam in the morning and a large cup of coffee with milk a couple of hours later. For lunch, leftovers. Yesterday it was a thin crust pizza topped with cheese, lots and lots of basil, and prosciutto; today a large pear, some sliced cheese and some buttery salty pita chips. I always have a snack. Today it was something sweet in honor of my friend Suzi's fortieth birthday.

For dinner, who knows? It was cool and windy today and for the first time it seems possible to eat something fallish -- tomatoes over polents, roasted vegetables and pasta, a big full glass of red wine.

This is my favorite time of year and I love diving into all the flavors that are available. I'm off to shop for dinner produce at Toby's -- I think an eggplant is calling my name.

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