Friday, August 21, 2009

I Heart Bananas & Nuts

Did I mention my little car was the victim of a hit and run last week? It was minor unless you count the missing the left side mirror, gash in the fender, scratched bumper and messed up hubcap. It was drive-able, yet un-drive-able, if you are me and still getting used to the big city and the hills, and the other crazy California drivers.

After I dropped my car off to be fixed on Tuesday, I wet to Rainbow, my favorite liberal hippie food co-op in town. I hadn't been in months and I was feeling a little down on the world so I engaged in some retail therapy, food style. I bought huge brown turkey figs (the first of the season), almond milk, trail mix stuffed with dried mulberries and gogi berries and cacao nibs, ginger peach tea, a vegan turnover filled with onions, potatoes, and rosemary, yummy wheat bread, a kombucha, apple blackberry applesauce, and some granola bars.

It was cheaper than shoes or clothes people -- and much cheaper than my $500 deductable.

Today I brought one of the granola bars to work for a snack. I am glad to report this banana nut granola bar was so good. It actually tasted a little sinful. I wasn't expecting it to be that satisfying, so the fact that it was made me happy. And happiness has been an elusive emotion this week. So now I am happy that the week is almost over, and extra happy with my Kardea banana nut granola bar.

It almost makes me want to pack a bag and set off for a hike or a road trip. But alas, I think this weekend will be spent in The City.

Happy trails to you...

PS I am kind of a granola bar addict and wish I could make my own. Any tips/ or tips on granola bars you buy at the store but don't taste packaged and yuck?


Anonymous said...

Ugh I'm sorry about your car, that sucks! :(
Hmm my favorite granola bars lately have been well Larabars which I guess aren't really granola but they're VERY good! I've been wanting to try my own too!

shelley (pink house) said...

Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) has a recipe in one of her books. I'd have to hunt to find it, but maybe you can google it.

Tina Swanson said...

I made these for all the training I was doing last summer and they are delicious and filling. I loved the vanilla. I suppose you could use honey as a substitute and that would be good too.

Anne Zimmerman said...

Shelley, I found that Ina recipe and am baking up my own variation. Thanks!