Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cooking from an empty cupboard

It's almost pathetic how little food we have. There's the essentials: coffee, milk for coffee, granola, oatmeal and fruit, plus bread that can be layered with cheese, tomatoes, and avocados for lunch. But when dinnertime hits, we are woefully unprepared. I have had so many salads with so many tomatoes. I have been munching on chocolate after dinner to fill the void.

M. has been out (bachelor party, dinner with friend from out of town, dinner with foreigners tonight). Tomorrow night is the first of four evenings out as we party it up at two different wedding celebrations.

So you can see, despite the fact that there's no food, there was no use going to the store. I was inspired this morning by Smitten Kitchen and a hacked caprese salad. I decided to do the same thing with Mexican flavors: black beans, cubed tomatoes, cheese, and the last of my beloved homemade cilantro pesto, all served over chopped romaine lettuce. Sadly, it wasn't very good. All the best parts (large chunks of tomato and zesty pesto) were hidden by the bland canned beans. The best part was the corn tortilla I had pan fried. It was warm and extra salty which was delicious. I had to stop myself from frying up a few more and just eating tortillas for dinner.

Really. I considered this.

Cooking from an empty cupboard can be a challenge, especially if you aren't inspired. I usually fall back on scrambled eggs and toast, rice with sauteed veggies, or a warm open faced sandwich. And you?

It's nights like this when I am also reminded to stock the pantry with things that aren't great dinner for two, but are a super foundation for dinner for one: soup, canned beans, and treats from trader joe's.

I can hardly recall what I used to eat when I was single and living alone. How did I survive?

PS I got a fancy new computer but it doesn't like my camera. No photos for awhile -- or maybe I'll get creative and put up some old photos I never got the chance to share.

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