Monday, June 29, 2009

What to do in NY in the summertime?

(I don't think the Lower East Side will look like this in two and a half weeks.)

I booked a ticket to NYC yesterday: July 16-20th.
I am sure this is the most pleasant time of all to be in "the city." Not hot or sweaty or humid or stinky, oh no. Mid-July would probably not be my preferred time for a visit to New York, but I am going to do some book editing with my agent which I am very excited about.

Here is my problem -- My last four visits to New York have been in February. I know just how to pack for winter trips and what to do when it is cold and slushy outside. But summer in the city -- I am clueless.

Any tips, ideas, quintessential summer in New York things to do?
Help me make my list, please!

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once bitten, twice crushed said...

You'll need a comfortable pair of walking sandals (sidewalks + heat + heels = nasty pain). And a bag large enough to hold a cardigan (when you are indoors it will inevitably be frigidly over air-conditioned). And by the way, I'll be in SF July 18-20... Bad timing eh?
Have fun in NYC!