Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to The Kitchn

Please pop on over to one of my favorite websites, The Kitchn where I have a guest post up about the method and madness behind making the French treat Cannele.

If this is your first time visiting me, please take a look around, make yourself comfortable, and come back and see me again sometime soon. I won't be around for a few days -- I'm off to the St. Helena sunshine till Monday-- but I guarantee when I come back I'll have more things to share.

Till then... happy grazing!


Hot Food Porn said...

Dear Poetic Appetite,

Cannele making is an absolute obsession and craft. It is the most finicky, fragile and most gratifying thing I have ever felt I have perfected (to an extent). I was plenty satisfied with my product at the end of my 3rd try, but I felt they weren't really great until I tested all the variables, probably after my 6th attempt - totalling more than 15 batches of cannele (probably 130+ total), ... it is a disturbing itch for perfection, but its worth it.

I blogged about it a few months ago...

Also, chef Laurent Gras of L2O is a very big fan of the art of the cannele.

Hot Food Porn said...

Forgot to mention the important part, thanks for posting that post, the cannele are beautiful.

Megan {Feasting on Art} said...

I loved the post!!