Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oak Avenue, St. Helena

Did I mention that M.F.K. Fisher lived for years in St. Helena? Her house is still standing on Oak Avenue, one block shy of Main Street. I flew by it several times a day as I ran back and forth to get coffee, drop wedding gift bags, pick up small boxes of gorgeous chocolates, and change from dusty dungarees to wedding appropriate frocks.

Though I hardly had a moment to stop and breathe, much less stop and think about M.F.K. Fisher, it was fun to tread in her footsteps. I wonder what she would think of St. Helena. Now it is a charming tourist town with bumper to bumper traffic on Friday afternoons, and expensive boutiques that sell bright, fancy, resort clothes. It is hardly the low-key pastoral setting she gravitated towards so many years ago.

Still it was sort of fun to think of her getting her morning cup of joe at Napa Valley Roasting Company or enjoying a glass of wine at Cook before walking home to her little yellow house on Oak Avenue.

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