Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Afternoon Pick Me Up

There have been two things I have been trying to do for the past couple of weeks: cut out my afternoon cup of joe, and stop paying for coffee when I could be making coffee at home. These things come in addition to other "good for me goals" like going to yoga, sitting up straight while I am at the computer, and doing more sit-ups. Is it any wonder I have moved the coffee tasks to the top of the list?

I have done pretty well on both of these tasks, but occasionally the craving for coffee hits. On Monday morning I was at home writing and really wanted another cup of coffee. I wanted it so badly I was convinced an extra cup would make me work better and harder for the next couple of hours -- my productivity was going to soar through the roof and out into the Castro. So I made that cup of coffee, sat down, took a few sips, and promptly got jittery. Into the fridge the cup of coffee went. (Even if you don't want it, tossing a perfectly good cup of coffee is pretty much a no-go in my opinion. I get that from my father.)

Cut to today. I'm heading into a serious four hour work session. I must be productive. I feel my energy waning and remember the cold coffee in the fridge. It is only half a cup -- not nearly enough to keep me up tonight (I hope). The coffee is poured into a pretty glass, topped with cold milk, and on a whim, a spoonful of Trader Joe's Maple Agave Syrup -- because if it is afternoon and I need caffeine I also need sugar.

This could be my new favorite treat: sweet and cold, a little perky pick me up. Which leads me back to the Trader Joe's Maple Agave Syrup. I have become quite a fan in the past few weeks. I have used it (a blend of maple syrup and agave syrup that is less expensive than the real maple stuff) to sweeten tea, granola, yogurt, and now, coffee.

I don't mean to be a product hawker, but seriously, this stuff could change your life -- I am just hoping it doesn't lure me back into my two a day habit.

P.S. Thanks to The Kitchn site for this fab photo, saving me (and the book) from the minutes I would have spent taking a photo of my Maple Agave Syrup bottle. The Kitchn talked up the syrup a few weeks ago. I was already a fan. Who knew I was at the fore of Trader Joe's trends?


The College Assistant - Shelley McBride said...

Good post. I have taken to saving that last strong cup in the pot for later in the afternoon. I pour it in a glass with half coffee, half 1% milk, and a shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Whip with a whisk til frothy. Pour over ice. Tastes like it came from a coffee shop - a nice afternoon pick-me-up.

I see you live in the Castro. I was just in SF last week, and my son is apartment hunting in the outer mission/noe valley area (wants to be near Delores Park) for a 1 bedroom. Know of anything that's not in the ads?

Anne Zimmerman said...

Hi Shelley, I am trying to find your blog/ e-mail... hopefully you get this message.
We see FOR RENT signs all the time as we are driving around. We live more in the castro/ upper haight area, but I would suggest picking your neighborhood (it sounds like he already has) and setting out on foot!
PS sorry I did not get this sooner but I was away for a long weekend.