Friday, April 03, 2009


I mean it. Thank goodness it is Friday. I have had just about enough of this week and its pendulum of ups and downs. I was going to post a lovely photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in the sunshine, something to inspire visions of a weekend full of fun and sun, rest and relaxation, creativity and productivity. But the computer went kaput and alas, we are photo-less.

But imagine that bridge... it really is quite pretty. And may your weekend be full of only good things. This is what is on the docket for ours:
An early Saturday lunch at La Taqueria in the Mission with new friends.
A walk down to Dynamo Donuts to see if the mythic maple-bacon donut is available for a post-lunch afternoon snack. (Do I really want or need the maple bacon donut in my life? I'm not altogether sure. I'll check it out and report back.)
Basketball. I know there will be basketball.
Meal planning, marketing, cooking, and conversation. Books. Rest.

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