Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh the Places You'll Eat

The cliche is that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. And most of the time I think that is true. But having spent the weekend in New York City I find I didn't take nearly enough photos. Each picture I have needs paragraphs of words alongside it -- additional descriptions and memories so that I won't forget anything about the trip.
Each day starts somewhere. This one began at an outpost of Bouchon Bakery. There was rich, plain yogurt with granola and blueberry compote, a chocolate cherry walnut scone that was surprisingly sophisticated and not at all cloying, and a savory, salty, cheese, chive and bacon biscuit. And coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
After the red-eye and the seemingly endless train ride into the city, coffee is absolutely essential. It is the only way I can make it through a day in the city.

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Shelley (Pink House) said...

Ah, New York. I LOVE the food there - so many great places to explore.