Friday, January 09, 2009

Sick Day

I have caught a bit of a cold. Normally I have an immune system made of steel and don't pick up all the bugs and germs that float around in the wintertime. Because of this I get a little worried when I start to get sick, only because the times I am sick I tend to be very, very sick.
But not to worry, after a long night of sleep, some hot tea, and healthy doses of ColdEase (a homeopathic cold medicine meant to beat of cold germs) I am feeling okay.

I am not so well that I don't miss my Mom who knows the foods I like I when I am feeling ill and just how to make me feel better. Thankfully I have a little piece of Mom with me this morning. Earlier this week she sent a big box of lovely cardamom rolls she made with her new Kitchen-Aid. These rolls, warmed in the toaster and spread with a bit of butter are divine: soft, sweet, and warming. They are just the thing for this sick girl.

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