Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Some days it is necessary to escape the city. San Francisco is lovely with its winding sidewalks, busy streets, lines of people at hip cafes, strollers and children, people and dogs, and bikes. But occasionally it is nice to get away and walk in fresh quiet air for a bit.
In Portland this was very easy to do. There were so many parks and green spaces. San Francisco has a lot to offer but there are so many people to enjoy it. No matter where you go it seems there are always a few dozen others who have though of just the same thing.
So we went South, not very far, but far enough that it felt like an entirely different world. We had tacos and horchata at Tres Amigos before finding a beach with yellow pebbly sand, minuscule bits of beach glass, and shells of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. There was no one there besides another couple, perched up against the sand bank, quietly enjoying the sun and a bottle of wine.
It was quiet, so quiet. The wind was slow the sunlight warming and the fresh air invigorating. We walked, collected shells and looked at the birds.
Later we ate salted caramels that had been warmed gently on the front seat of the car. I only had one, but it might have been the best salted caramel I ever ate. It was so good we drove back for more, but I haven't eaten them yet. So I don't know if the caramel was really that good or if it was simply the day that was sublime.

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