Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Best of Days

I know, I know. Most have declared the cupcake trend over. But really, what do you do when you need a sweet that is exceedingly celebratory and festive? A cookie just won't do, neither will an austere lemon tartlet, or piece of dark spicy gingerbread cake. You need a dessert that practically screams yes! woo hoo! well done! A cupcake is the thing.

Yesterday I was having a very good day. Despite the fact that I had been out to lunch, when I passed a small bake-shop with rows of treats inside I decided I had to stop. My eyes gravitated away from the brownies and blondies towards the cupcake corner. There were red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with colored vanilla frosting, and chocolate cupcakes with dark, fudgey frosting.

Not wanting to seem too cupcake obsessed, I asked for one of the cakes with vanilla icing. The girl picked a cupcake towering with pink frosting and sprinkled with candy confetti. It was perfect.

I took it home and there it sat. The afternoon got better and better, and the cupcake, which I intended to eat as a snack, languished. Before I knew it, it was time for wine and dinner: lemony white fish, celery and potato puree, green salad, and warm and crispy cannele for dessert.

But the cupcake was not forgotten. I ate it quietly and alone after lunch today while watching the rain fall. A sweet reminder of a truly great day.

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