Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Foods

The food of the weekend was pumpkin. There were pumpkin tamales, pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin-caramel cupcakes with puffs of white icing.
It's funny how I have never loved pumpkin. It must be a mature taste, a taste that comes with being thirty-one years old.


J9 said...

Pumpkin tamales?! Oh, I am so very, very intrigued. Please, if you have a spare moment, will you indulge my curiosity?

Anne Zimmerman said...

They were Roasted Pumpkin & White Cheddar Tamales from a company called Primavera that is in Sonoma. I bought them at Rainbow Grocery in SF. They were very tasty, though I am sure they are seasonal. Still I feel an addiction coming on...
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