Saturday, September 27, 2008

The joys of self employment

Today I relished the fact that even though it is Saturday and I haven't had a job to go to for five days it still feels like the weekend. I was up early, even earlier than the week days, and watched the sun rise slowly and faintly over the Willamette River. Then I ventured off into the chilly morning to a yoga class, and finally to the farmer's market where I bought ingredients for a birthday dinner (Italian plums, sausage, garlic, cheese) and a huge (really, really big) bunch of vibrant purple dahlias.
I spent a quiet afternoon at home ... hot shower, warm greens and tomatoes for lunch, and hours and hours of pouring over M.F.K. Fisher's lovely words and thoughts. Feeling a little rebellious, a little indulgent, a little naughty, I took advantage of the lengthy Saturday and poured myself a glass of red wine, and then after a few minutes, another. I don't normally drink during daylight hours but there are times when it feels ever so nice to sit at a beautiful table with an abundant bowl of fall fruit, and blooming flowers. The September light was flooding in and I was so content to be a grown up lady, happily alone, enjoying a glass of wine.
Changes are good and I am ever hopeful for more afternoons like today.

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